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Majesta® Double Hung

Historically-inspired Majesta Double Hung windows satisfy the desire for even larger openings in the most magnificent of homes. They are made-to-order in sizes as large as 6 feet wide by 12 feet high to fit seamlessly into large living spaces. Majesta windows can easily be combined with transom windows to create unprecedented height for a single window unit.

Kolbe’s craftsmen refuse to sacrifice performance for size. Majesta double hung units are custom made so that the balances match the size and weight of the sash, which makes these extra large windows astonishingly functional and easy to open. The standard hardware on the bottom sash features an innovative turn knob lock that is installed at the center of the bottom rail so the hardware is easily accessible. An additional lock, installed on the top rail of the top sash, adds safety by preventing sash drop.  

Majesta windows are remarkably energy efficient for windows of such a massive size. They feature a tight seal thanks to dual lines of heavy-duty weatherstripping, LoE-coated, insulating glass filled with argon gas and options for triple pane glass. At Kolbe, energy efficiency always comes standard.

Majesta’s state-of-the-art performance and breathtakingly enormous views earned Kolbe a Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural Products Magazine. The PIA recognizes products, materials and systems innovations that take commercial and institutional design to new heights. This impressive window does just that.


Extra Large Double Hung Windows

1) Concealed wood-wrapped jambliners;Class 5 balance system carries sash up to 200 lbs


2) Sash lock on top rail of top sash eliminates sash drop


3) Top rail is 3"

Oversized Double Hung Window

1) Optional sash lift handle; finishes include Rustic Umber (shown), Bright Brass & Satin Nickel


2) Bottom rail is 4-1/8"

Over Sized Double Hung Window

Majesta double hungs & transoms with 1-1/8"wide PDL bars and exterior finish in Slate.

Giant Double Hung Window

1) Turn knobs on the bottom rail of the bottom sash have(2) Locking pins for security & are easy to operate

Triple Pane Glass

1) Triple pane glass option meets an R-PG50 rating


2) Custom Sapele wood with clear coat.

Recognition - Most Efficient for 2016

Ultra Series Majesta® double hung transom and studio windows have been designated as among the ENERGY STAR® certified products that are Most Efficient for 2016and have achieved the following performance levels:

Double Hung Transoms:*

  • U-Factor 0.18 to 0.20 IP/US (USA measurement)

  • U-Factor 1.02 to 1.14 Metric/SI (Canada measurement)

  • SHGC 0.15 to 0.40

  • PG65

Double Hung Studio Units**

  • U-Factor 0.19 IP/US (USA measurement)

  • U-Factor 1.08 Metric/SI (Canada measurement)

  • SHGC 0.14 to 0.38

  • PG70

Aluminum Clad Window Section

Frame - Extruded Aluminum Cladding


  • Durable .050" thick cladding of 6063 extruded aluminum alloy

  • Press-fit onto the exterior wood frame

  • Accessory grooves are integral to the frame for easy addition of extruded trims and sill nosings

Sash - Extruded Aluminum Cladding


  • Durable .050" thick cladding of 6063 extruded aluminum alloy

  • Press-fit onto the exterior wood sash

Exterior Finish/Colors

Standard - Fluoropolymer Exterior Finish


  • 70% PVDF fluoropolymer exterior finish

  • Meets performance requirements of AAMA 2605-13 – the most stringent testing procedures for organic coatings on aluminum extrusions

  • Resists chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, chalking and erosion

  • Maintains film integrity, retains the color and gloss

  • 30-year warranty extended directly to the homeowner (view Warranties)



NOTES: Actual finish colors may vary from on-screen images. Please make selections using color samples from your local dealer. Custom color are also available. For custom colors, please provide a sample to your dealer.

White Paint Color

Ultra Pure White 

White Paint Color


Sand Paint Color


Natural Cotton Paint Color

Natural Cotton

Frosted Jade Paint Color

Frosted Jade

Hartford Green Paint Color

Hartford Green

Chutney Paint Color


Waterford Paint Color


Mudpie Paint Color


Ginger Snap Paint Color

Ginger Snap

Kiwi Paint Color


Mystic Ivy Paint Color

Mystic Ivy

Antique Red Paint Color

Antique Red

Timberwolf Paint Color


Abalone Paint Color


Alabaster Paint Color


Rustic Paint Color


Beige Paint Color


Truffle Paint Color


Spiced Vinegar Paint Color

Spiced Vineger

Coal Black Paint Color

Coal Black

Camel Paint Color


Slate Paint Color


Bay Leaf Paint Color

Bay Leaf

Green Tea Leaf Paint Color

Green Tea Leaf

Pumpkin Spice Paint Color

Pumpkin Spice

Basil Paint Color


Butterscotch Paint Color

Butter Scotch

Manchester Paint Color


Merlot Paint Color


Patriotic Blue Paint Color

Patriotic Blue

Cape Cod Paint Color

Cape Cod

Wood Species

Our wood windows and doors are built from the highest quality pine. We can also craft windows and doors from other wood species to match the existing wood in your home or to create the style you’ve envisioned. Our wood is sourced from managed forests. FSC-certified wood is also available.

On-screen images of wood species may vary; selections should be made based on samples available at your local Kolbe dealer.

Pine Wood Image


Mahogany Wood Image


Adler Wood Image


Maple Wood Image


Bamboo Wood Image


Oak Wood Image


Cherry Wood Image


Walnut Wood Image


Fir Wood Image


Divided Lites

Divide the light that enters through your windows and doors by creating unique configurations with various widths, colors and profiles of divided lite bars. Some divided lites can replicate historically-accurate designs.  Others are beautiful while remaining unobtrusive, for windows that are easy to clean.

Performance Divided Lites
Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing system gives the appearance of true divided lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Divided lite bars are adhered to the exterior and interior of the glass, with aesthetically pleasing spacer bars installed between the glass panes, to create the illusion of true divided lites.

True Divided Lites
Kolbe’s true divided lites (TDL) are constructed by placing wood muntin bars in between individual panes of insulating glass to create separate panes of glass. This traditional style is often used in historical restorations or historically accurate recreations.

True divided lites are only available for Heritage Series wood windows.        

Grilles-In-the-Airspace (GIA) are constructed by sealing aluminum bars between two panes of insulating glass, which creates the look of divided panes while leaving the glass easy to clean.

Removable Grilles
Removable grilles are built with a fully surrounded frame and bars that interlock at the joints for stability. By applying grilles to the window’s interior using an exclusive hidden clip system on most products, Kolbe’s wood removable grilles eliminate the need for unsightly pins and attachment points.  Plus, they are versatile so you can remove them to clean the glass or when you'd like a more open view of nature.

These options provide an overview of Kolbe’s capabilities. Visit your Kolbe dealer to discuss your vision and determine the most effective divided lite design to meet your project’s unique needs.

Grill Between Glass option photo


PDL Divided Light option photo

Performance Divided Lites

Tru Divided Lights Option Photo

True Divided Lites

Removable Grilles Option Photo

Interior Removable Grilles


Whether you live in a mountainous region or on the coast, Kolbe has glass options to meet the energy efficiency standards in your climate. Find out more about the glass options we’ve created to meet structural, architectural and environmental challenges. 

Most Kolbe windows have glass with LoE coating, which reduces energy transfer through the insulating glass unit. LoE coated glass is designed to reflect indoor heat back into the room during winter and block 96% of the sun’s oppressive heat during the summer, cutting back on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. These glass units are filled with argon gas, which has a 30% lower thermal conductivity than air.

At Kolbe, we use double-pane insulating LoE2-270 glass as standard in the majority of our windows. In most cases, glass with LoE2-270coating and argon gas meets ENERGY STAR qualifications in all United States climate zones. We also offer the option of lightly tinted LoE2-240 glass, which is recommended for warmer climates to reduce solar glare and achieve optimal solar control in sunny environments. LoE3-366 glass offers an ideal balance of solar control and high visibility by blocking 95% of UV rays while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

ThermaPlus™ LoE glass is specially designed to help meet the most stringent energy requirements with a specially applied coating that provides protection against heat loss and UV damage.

Triple Pane glass helps provide ultimate energy performance in windows. We construct triple pane windows with three panes of glass, argon gas, Thermo-Edge spacer bars, and the LoE coatings that best suit your climate’s needs.

Impact glass includes a laminated pane, and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions in coastal regions. Combined with impact-certified products like our K-Force windows and doors, it provides the highest level of protection against the elements.

Kolbe’s Mountain Air Energy Package is designed to meet extremely low U-Factors in high altitude regions where argon gas cannot be used due to pressure changes.

Kolbe offers custom tinted, colored or patterned glass for privacy as well as beveled, etched and other finely crafted glass to match your home’s style.

Laminated glass provides extra protection by preventing broken glass from causing injury. It can also increase safety and reduce sound transmission.

Neat® harnesses UV rays to loosen dirt so that it can wash away in the rain, reducing the need for cleaning. A special sputter-coating process helps water sheet off, which reduces water spots and helps maintain an ideal view.

Preserve protective film guards glass surfaces against scratches and debris during transit and construction.

These options are meant to provide an example of Kolbe’s capabilities. Contact your Kolbe dealer to learn about the options available in the products you choose.

Glass options Photo
Ultra Violet Rays Blockage Simulation Photo


Kolbe offers a wide variety of insect screen options. Your Kolbe dealer can help you determine the best choice based on the products you select and where they will be used.

BetterVue® is our standard screen mesh, made of flame-retardant fiberglass to improve visibility and keep bugs out. It is also flame retardant and GreenGuard® certified.

UltraVue® screen mesh offers the same benefits as BetterVue, but with an even higher level of visibility.

Aluminum screen mesh is available in two different colors and is perfect for circumstances where added strength or protection against fiberglass-eating insects is required.

Depending on the type of windows and doors you select, additional options may be available, including retractable screens or combination storm/screen units.

Retractable screen kits can match the windows' interior wood species and finish, are less obtrusive to the windows' natural beauty, and can be rolled up when not in use. Simply pull a bar down to the sill to engage the screen, or press the center of the bar so it retracts with effortless operation.

Kolbe's durable StormGuard, a combination of both storm and insect screen units, provides ample protection from the elements. It is designed to keep you safe and dry in inclement weather. The sight lines and profile of the StormGuard unit will closely match the window it complements, helping the unit to blend in and retain your view.

Swinging screen doors feature adjustable self-closing mechanisms equipped with spring-loaded locks. Swinging screen door frames in over 30 colors and custom colors are intended to complement the door's exterior finish colors.

Sreen Options Photo


Our hardware options are designed to function effectively while complementing the style of your home and matching the look you’ve chosen for your windows and doors. We've provided an overview of just some of the options that are available. Visit your Kolbe dealer to learn about all of our hardware options and which styles will work best to bring your vision to life. 

Hardware finishes
Kolbe also offers a variety of hardware finishes for our products. Your Kolbe dealer can provide a full list of options and help you choose your finish. Since on-screen colors may vary, final decisions should be based on actual color samples available through our dealers. 

White Paint Color


Smokey Grey

Satin Nickel

Rustic Umber

Oil Rubbed

Matte Black

Gold Painted


Bright Brass


Antique Nickel

Antique Brass

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