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OptiQ™ AA™5450 Series Windows

  • 4-5/8" (117.5mm) depth

  • Architectural window (AW)

  • Ultra thermal performance

  • Fixed, hung and sliding configuration

Product Features

The industry’s smartest window raises the bar for design flexibility and thermal performance.
With best-in-class thermal performance, OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows continue to set the standard for thermal intelligence. The result of a continuing partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, the AA™5450 Series Window with fixed, single hung, double hung and sliding configurations reaches new levels of thermal performance, thanks to multiple unique features integrated into the design. This thermal intelligence allows the complete family of OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows to maintain thermal continuity, reduce thermal transmission and help retain interior comfort.
This versatile window is available in several configurations including, fixed, single hung, double hung and horizontal sliding. Additionally, the AA5450 series window offers the flexibility to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirement.


  • AW-PG50-FW – Fixed

  • AW-PG50-H – Single and Double Hung

  • AW-PG50-HS – XX Double Slide

  • AW-PG40-HS – OX Single Slide


  • 4-5/8" Overall Frame Depth

  • Tested to US and Canadian Standards

  • Polyamide Thermal Barrier System

  • High performance spacer

  • 1" and 1-1/2"Insulating Glass Units

  • Tubular Profiles

  • Architectural Anodized Finishes and Applied Coatings

  • Interior and Exterior Dual Finish Options

AA™3350 Thermal Windows

  • 3-1/2" (88.9mm) depth

  • Architectural window (AW)

  • High thermal performance

  • Fixed, hung or sliding options

  • Hurricane resistance

Enhance Your Views with Exceptional Value and Performance.

Product Features

Key Features include:

  • ​3-1/2" Overall Frame Depth

  • High Performance Commercial Window

  • IsoPort™ Thermal Break

  • Screw and Spline Frame Corner Joinery

  • Factory Silicone Glazed

  • Interior Applied Glazing Bead

  • Architectural Anodized Finishes and Applied Coatings

  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Single hung and double hung standard hardware:

  • Heavy Duty Balances

  • Zinc Die Cast Sweep Locks

  • Sash Stops

  • Upper Sash Auto Lock on Double Hung Window

Horizontal sliding window standard hardware

  • Composite Adjustable Tandem Roller

  • Zinc Die Cast Sweep Lock

  • Sash Stops

  • PVC auto lock on Double Sliding Window

Other options:

  • Between the Glass Muntin Grids

  • Perimeters and Sills

  • Exterior Pannings and Interior Trims

  • Structural Mullions

  • Vertically or Horizontally Stacked

  • Strap Anchors

  • Sill for 10 PSF or 15 PSF Water Performance

  • Insect Screens

  • Nailing Fin Flange on Hung Windows

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